I know you would have preferred to have spent more time with him, but the circumstances made it so that it was toxic to do so. Your decision is not likely to have changed the outcome as this is something that could have happened randomly to anyone. You love your brother and have always loved your brother. You also love your children and there’s nothing wrong with that. I hope time heals your broken heart.

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  • A part of me hopes she doesn’t show up to greet me when I pass.
  • No matter what the specific situation, grieving someone you didn’t like can leave you feeling isolated and confused.
  • You are a wonderfully inspirational person.
  • I have read all the comments here from the moment it was announced dear Ramona, had passed.

Now I am too old to have a second child. But I am happy and relieved that she will be gone out my life soon. I got a degree in psichology in 2017.

Ways To Understand And Cope With These Complicated Feelings

It’s probably not even recommended that you do this. I don’t know, maybe it is, but I did it and it worked. It’s hard because it’s every year a shivling is naturally formed from snow at like going to the hospital and getting an operation with your loved ones, and then signing the paper that says you could die. And him seeing me, he loved seeing me.

Making Art Until Somone Dies

And they have discovered that if they call urinals hung on the wall, or piles of dirt thrown on the floor “art” it makes people want to stare. Like a traffic wreck on the side of the road. I’ve seen sculptures involving frozen blood as well… Some of those are interesting — BUT I’m thinking it would be a pain to actually keep one preserved.

My son told me that she cried 20 min before she died, and I feel that it is my fault, that it is because I am not the daughter I should have been. I had a complicated relationship with my uncle, for the past 2 years he was verbally abusive to me and physically abusive to my pet. I found it best to just not speak to him as it avoided a lot of conflicts but they still happened from time to time. I never really thought about his side of things though. His children had disowned him and he was suffering from depression from this.

I try to support my moms grief and be patient and understanding with her. Inside though, i am in turmoil. I just want to forget what he did and forget his death but i am constantly reminded. My Mom just died unexpectedly after a surgery. She had heart problems, but we weren’t told she had so little of a chance to survive… This happened 5 days ago. Now I’m left to plan a memorial while autopsy is performed… The hospital doesn’t even know why she died..

We Form Personal Attachments

Hard to mourn someone you knew but didn’t. My husband died a few days ago. We didn’t have something as beautiful. There was no I’m sorry or I know at one time you cared for him. Instead they have said “good””hope your not doing anything to help with the funeral”.

What Happens When Someone every year a shivling is naturally formed from snow at Dies And Doesnt Have Family?