commitmentKDHI moves towards our institutional goals as one cohesive entity bound by our strategic direction. Our services, employees, and plans all make unified sense in the context of our Vision, Mission, and Goal – our guiding principles.


 Top choice for patient, medical and paramedical practitioners offering the best services to patients and to be in the forefront in medical specialty training in Region XII in 2025.


KDHI is a healing place giving professional and quality care where patient is first with the ultimate purpose of being an instrument and expression of God’s love for mankind.


  • QUALITY SERVICEWe extend the love of God to everyone (regardless of status) by being accommodating, caring, loving and compassionate
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICEWe educate as well as extend reliable and dedicated care and services to our patient in order to advance their physical and spiritual well being
  • We value continuous learning, solidarity within the organization and honesty.