At Kidapawan Doctors  Hospital, our intensive care units rely on a multi-specialty approach to care. Health care providers from different medical disciplines work together to provide collaborative and coordinated care specific to the patient’s needs.

Our 14-bed capacity special unit catering to adult patients who need intensive care, equipped with the following:

1)    Central Cardiac Monitor (Telemetry) which can monitor patients ECG simultaneously
2)    Portable Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator equipped with adjustable clip-on paddles
3)    Digital Infusion Pump for Enteral Feeding
4)    Pulse Oximeters
5)    Built-in Oxygen Source with regulator and disposable humidifier for each bed
6)    Bedside Hemodialysis Access
7)    Mechanical Ventilator

For babies requiring special care, our 6-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is staffed by trained nurses and midwives who exercise utmost care with our little angels.